UK Leica Wedding Photography Prices

UK Leica Wedding Photography Prices 2022

Hello! If you are here planning your wedding day, one detail you will be looking for is the prices. I try to keep my wedding packages affordable and simple as possible by offering you 3 collections at 3 different price points / time durations.

Leica Summilux Wedding

Mr Leica Wedding Photography Prices / Packages

1) The Essential Collection – £695
  • 5 hours photography coverage (same day)
  • Pre-wedding consultant (often via Zoom, telephone, email)
  • 350+ images small size – Digital download
  • 75 photos, hand edited, high resolution & large size – Digital download
  • Private online gallery to share final edits with family and friends
  • No copyright – unrestricted usage rights of all images
  • Travel expenses included within 50 miles (*Overnight stays excluded)
2) The Digital Collection – £995
  • 8 hours photography coverage (same day)
  • Pre-wedding consultant (often via Zoom, telephone, email)
  • 800+ images small size as a keep sake – Digital download
  • 100 photos, hand edited, high resolution & large size – Digital download
  • Private online gallery to share final edits with family and friends
  • No copyright – unrestricted usage rights of all images
  • Travel expenses included within 50 miles (*Overnight stays excluded)
  • Optional 20% off discount if select to have all B&W images (see below)
3) The Complete Collection – £1395
  • Upto 12 hours photography coverage of the day (same day)
  • Unlimited pre-wedding consultant (often via Zoom, telephone, email)
  • £50 off an optional Engagement Shoot (see below)
  • 1500+ images small size as a keep sake – Digital download
  • 200 photos, hand edited, high resolution & large size – Digital download
  • Complimentary optional roll of analogue film included – scanned to digital
  • Private online gallery to share final edits with family and friends
  • No copyright – unrestricted usage rights of all images
  • Complimentary optional post-wedding shoot
  • Travel expenses included within 150 miles (UK Mainland)
  • Optional 20% off discount if select to have all B&W images (see below)

Black and white wedding photography discount

My personal favourite wedding photography style is very arty timeless black and white images. To entice you to have all your wedding photos captured in B&W I offer a 20% OFF discount on the digital and complete collections. (You could opt to have some colour analogue film (below) to get the best of both!)

Leica CL Wedding

Wedding Photography Extras

For couples selecting my shorter duration wedding photography collections, I offer the following add-ons. This lets you fully customise your wedding photography experience.

Engagement Shoot – £250
  • 2 hour engagement shoot / portrait session. A must for all couples!
  • Fun, candid photoshoot where you get practice in front of the camera so that you are completely relaxed on your wedding day. (Think of it as a wedding day training camp AND you get nice photos to use for wedding invites + Instagram!
Extra Hours Coverage -£100/ph
  • Happy to stay longer to capture some epic shots at the end of the night!
Fine Art Wedding Album – £150
  • High quality A4 fine art wedding album – 20 pages/ 40+ photos
Prints + USB in a Box – £100
  • USB + 100x 6×4″ prints in a presentation box
Post-Wedding Shoot – £250
  • 2 hour stylised shoot in your beautiful wedding dress before it’s packed away!
Wedding Film Photography – £ Please ask
  • 35mm film and medium format film photography (for those interested)
  • Prices vary widely so please get in touch if interested (colour/B&W/quantity)
Wedding Videography – £ Please ask
  • As a photographer who also teaches on YouTube and Patreon I have video cameras and audio equipment too. I don’t advertise that I offer wedding videography but clients seem happy with the simple recording from the day – basic no-frills static position video footage with room and on person audio.
  • Message me for more details (available as edited video or raw footage)
Leica SL Wedding

Leica Wedding London – Roxana & Richard

Leica Wedding London – Roxana & Richard

London wedding – Royal Borough of Greenwich

Edwardian Room, Wollwich Town Hall, Wellington St, Woolwich SE18 6HQ

I shared a few photo’s from Roxana and Richard’s London wedding in my 2018 Leica weddings highlights post but here are a few more.

London Model Wedding

This wedding was different to most of the ones I have covered to date. Roxana had modeled for me over the years (2013-2018) in London and at my studio in Coventry. I’m always testing various Leica cameras and lenses for the blog. Here are a few photos of Roxana modeling for me before we look at her wedding images –

Leica M8 B&W
Roxana SOOC
Roxana by Arri Light ;) - SOOC
Leica Elmar 50mm f2.8 Collapsible
Leica M9  -  Is back!

Leica Wedding London

As with many of my weddings, Roxana and Richard got married in a London wedding venue. They selected the Edwardian Room at Wollwich Town Hall. The build looks amazing as you walk in with the high decorative ceiling and beautiful stair case.

Edwardian Room, Wollwich Town Hall Wedding Venue
Wedding Venue - Leica M240
Leica M240 Wedding

Leica Wedding Photography

Here are more photos from their wedding day. Roxana and Richard never stopped smiling and that positive energy really helps when it comes to capturing nice photos!

Leica Wedding London

Tips to making beautiful wedding photos.. for you!

Roxana and Richard helped me capture some beautiful wedding photos for their day as they just happened to tick my 3 boxes. I always recommend 3 tips to help couples achieve the best possible photo –

  1. Book an engagement shoot / pre-wedding photoshoot to get to know me and the cameras before the wedding day! (The feedback I receive confirms this is a must-have to allow you to forget the camera on your wedding day. Then you can just enjoy it!). As Roxana had already worked with me for around 5+ years before her wedding this worked the same as an engagement shoot. She knew what to expect from me so she could then just relax and enjoy the occasion.
  2. Allocate time in your wedding itinerary for both group photos AND a few posed couple photos. The day will be over before you know it so if you don’t set time aside for these photos then there is a good chance we won’t get the opportunity. Again, because Roxana had modeled for me she knew the value of allocating some time to get a few posed/ stylised photos to include in the wedding album. Candid photos are great but it’s quite difficult to stand/ pose at your best angle for the whole day and just by accident be in the best light and perhaps the nicest location at the wedding venue!
  3. Smile! Often people are happy on the inside but unless we can see it on the outside too the camera cannot capture it! Some people are naturally more smiley or fun of energy but if that’s not you perhaps have a glass of champagne to ease any wedding day nerves!

Getting Married? Let’s discuss your wedding!

Planning your wedding day and browsing the internet for a wedding photographer? Please get in contact, UK or abroad.. I’d be happy to help!

I’m a YouTuber photographer too!

If you want to see the face behind the wedding photos you can find me teaching photography on YouTube. I go by the name of “MrLeica” because of the blog I setup in 2013 – and the camera brand I use.

Mr Leica Wedding Photography

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2017 Leica Wedding Photography: John & Reema

2017 Leica Wedding Photography: John & Reema

Wedding Venue: Hengrave Hall, Bury Saint Edmunds IP28 6LZ

Matthew Osborne Photography /

April 2017


John & Reema

Last April (2017) I was invited to photograph John and Reema’s Hindu wedding at Hengrave Hall in Bury Saint Edmunds.  John is my ‘little’ (youngest) brother so it was a family wedding with me attending as both a guest and the primary wedding photographer.  We had already done the English wedding ceremony part at the registry office in London so this was the wedding part two!  Hengrave Hall is a stunning wedding venue but quite a distance from Coventry.  We all travelled from John and Reema’s home in London to Bury Saint Edmunds for a weekend of fun and for the Hindu wedding ceremony.

I used to photograph more Indian weddings than English weddings in the past, both Sikh and Hindu weddings.  (This was before I moved to Leica so a few years ago now).  Coventry had a large Indian population and I was working as a primary wedding photographer for a few different wedding photographers in the Indian community and also as a wedding videographer as part of an Asian wedding cinematography team using my Nikon D800 camera at the time for video.  Since moving to Leica cameras I think my wedding style has become more suited to English weddings (white weddings) as I like to photograph a lot in black and white.  Black and white weddings are my preferred style in most situations given the chance and also for model photography much of my work is B&W photography).  I also use traditional film cameras and feel the look seems to suit the white wedding dress better, regardless of whether I am using colour film or black and white film.

For John and Reema’s wedding there was going to be lots of colour so every photo was taken in colour.  I used two digitial Leica M cameras, the Leica M240 with wide lenses and a Leica M8 with the Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH lens.  I found the wedding a lot of fun but equally very difficult to photograph.  The lighting was not ideal for a lot of the day with a lot of colour cast inside and me needing to be in three places at once much of the time, as a guest and as the main wedding photographer so it was difficult to setup off cameras lights.   That said really enjoyed the day, and seeing family and friends and John and Reema liked their wedding photos.  I feel I could have done a far better job if I shot it all again but I guess that is how we improve!  Below are a few sample images from John and Reema’s wedding.

Leica Wedding – Leica M240 + wide lenses (15mm,21mm,28mm)

Leica Wedding – Leica M8 + Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH lens

(Just a few token examples as I used the M240 as the main wedding camera)


Thanks John and Reema for such an awesome day! Great memories. 🙂 xx

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2017 Leica Wedding Photography: Martin & Emma

2017 Leica Wedding Photography: Martin & Emma

Wedding Venue: Mottram Hall Wedding, Cheshire

Matthew Osborne Photography /

April 2017

Leica Wedding Selfie

Martin & Emma

Martin’s Dad, Paul kindly contacted me back in 2015 to say that he followed my photography work online and would I be available to photograph his son’s wedding in 2017.  I think this was my furthest in advance wedding photography booking I had received at the time but of course I said yes and before we knew it we were in 2017.  The wedding venue of choice was Mottram Hall in Cheshire.  I had not photographed at Mottram Hall before but it is a beautiful wedding venue with amazing grounds and the stunning house at the heart.  I travelled to Cheshire from my home studio in Coventry and met everyone at the venue.  After saying hello’s to Martin and Paul I met Emma and the girls to start bridal prep photos and the rest of the day kind of past in a blur!

(Thank you Emma for smiling pretty much non-stop all day!  It made for very easy photos and makes such a difference to wedding photography.  A “smiley wedding” will always look more beautiful than a less smiley wedding regardless of the wedding venue or the wedding dress (for example).  Smiles attract my eye at a wedding so the more smiles I see the more photos I take.  It was lovely to see a very happy couple and the sun even came out to help us for some of the outside photos!)

Leica Wedding – Leica M240 Camera

Here are a sample of Martin and Emma’s wedding photos captured with my Leica M240 camera.  The most used wedding camera lens on the day by far was the Carl Zeiss ZM Biogon 21mm f2.8 lens.  Very sharp and wide enough to capture all the action.

Note* After not viewing the files since April 2017 until now I reworked some of the images (cropping and B&W conversions mostly) to suit my current taste.

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2016 Leica Wedding Photography: Sarah & Cris

2016 Leica Wedding Photography: Sarah & Cris

Wedding Venue: Hotel Felix, Whitehouse Ln, Huntingdon Rd, Cambridge CB3 0LX

October 2016

Hasselblad XPan Wedding!

Sarah & Cris

Sarah and Cris kindly invited me to cover their wedding at Hotel Felix in Cambridge last October.  Cris was a fellow Leica photographer/ enthusiast so I took my usual wedding camera, the digital Leica M240 camera but also my older digital Leica M8 camera so I could use two digital Leica M camera bodies.  I also took my digital Hasselblad H3D-31 camera to use for the wedding portraits. Lastly I managed to get a couple of photos with my 35mm film Hasselblad XPan camera. (Example above).

It was a beautiful day and I don’t think I have ever met such a smiley couple! (and bridesmaid!) 😉  It was a real joy to photograph people having so much fun.  I think I went home with smile lines myself! 🙂

Here are some of the wedding photos, split by camera for the fellow camera geeks!

(Quite a few photos but it gives a good idea of what me and the cameras can do)

Leica Wedding – Leica M240 Camera

Leica Wedding – Leica M8 Camera

Hasselblad Wedding Photography – Hasselblad H3D-31

Camera and Lens Details (From Best Memory)

Leica M240 Camera
Zeiss ZM Biogon 21mm f2.8 lens
Zeiss ZM Biogon 25mm f2.8 lens
Voigtlander Nokton 35mm f1.2 ASPH lens(I think)
Leica Noctilux 50mm f1.0 v2 lens (little)

Leica M8 Camera
Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH lens + IR cut filter

Hasselblad H3D-31 Camera
Zeiss Sonnar 150mm f4 CF MF lens via CF lens adapter