Hasselblad Wedding

Hasselblad Wedding

Leica & Hasselblad Wedding Photographer UK

Hasselblad Wedding

As a Leica and Hasselblad wedding photographer / traditional film wedding photographer I have found myself as a wedding photographer for photographers. Perhaps partly for the comfort that I know my trade and because Hasselblad and Leica cameras are well regarded. I cover Coventry wedding venues, the UK and destination weddings.

Hasselblad Wedding Photographer

The small Leica cameras are well suited to my documentary style wedding photography which is peaceful and unobtrusive, capturing the tiny details, the intimate moments and the wider scenes. Hasselblad cameras are larger and slower than a Leica but the high resolution medium format camera film images are well worth pausing for. With a female model photography background my style is influenced by beauty whether people, detail, light or moment. This style is the same regardless off whether I am holding a Leica or Hasselblad camera.

Hasselblad Film Wedding Photography

Traditional Film Wedding Photography – Option of colour and black and white wedding photography with Leica and Hasselblad cameras. As noted above Hasselblad wedding photography is a little slower and deliberate than with a small camera so is most suited to wedding portraits. That said I use multiple Hasselblad film camera bodies, lenses, film backs so use the cameras whenever I see the oppotunity during a wedding. Film photography has become a bit of a lost art in the digital age but everyone still loves to emulate the film look with apps such as Instagram. Now you can have the real thing!

Hasselblad Wedding Photography

Hasselblad Wedding

Digital Hasselblad Camera Wedding Photography

In addition to offering traditional film Hasselblad wedding photography I also use a digital Hasselblad camera for weddings photos. The digital Hasselblad is faster to use than its older brother but lacks some of the shallow depth of field due to the smaller sensor (croppped 6×4.5 format vs 6×6 film format). If you appreciate super high resolution digital wedding photography then you will like the digital Hasselblad.

Leica & Hasselblad Wedding

Hasselblad Wedding

Digital Hasselblad Wedding

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