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Leica Wedding Photographer  UK / Analogue Film Photographer UK

The Story

My photography really began in 2009 when I got a Lumix TZ digital camera for Christmas.  Until then I had only really used disposable film cameras and one of the early digital cameras. I enjoyed photographing and documenting life around me and if there was a social event I was the one with the camera!

Before photography I used to draw and paint to vent my creative energies. I studied art at GCSE and my painting progressed from watercolours to fine detail acrylic painting. University began and I decided to take the science route rather than art. My painting stopped but my interest in garden design grew. I had ‘green fingers’ from an early age and studied plant science and genetics at University. I have my late Grandpop to thank for most of my interests. He taught me to draw, paint, decorate cakes, garden design and it was only after he left us that I discovered he was also a keen photographer! Thanks for all you gave me Grandpop.

The Lumix camera lasted me until Easter and I had already used all the settings and wanted more. As time passed the cameras I used got more advanced and I started to build quite a collection.  I found I was reading and practising my passion to such an extent that I was now teaching photography to others.

My photographs tend to have a common theme of beauty.  I like to photograph things that I feel are beautiful.  This started with vibrant coloured flowers and close up macro images of water drops.  I then began to specialize in portraiture and in particular female beauty.

Over the last few years I have worked with models across the UK and Europe and further afield.  I found I prefer very natural looking almost candid style photos of the girls in every day situations and often in every day clothes.  Perhaps sitting having a coffee or looking out a window.

Before I picked up my first camera I used to document life in my little diary.   I then started my photography blog to record some of the knowledge and experiences I was having with my camera. I found I enjoyed documenting the details and used my photos as a visual.

Recently my remaining grandparents have started to slow down and new little faces have joined the world.  I realised that what is now important to me is what started my photography in the beginning.  I want to capture life with my camera as I see it and remember.

I have been photographing weddings for a few years and really since people saw my passion for photography unfolding.  I use Leica cameras and often analogue film to create those timeless images.

Every wedding and couple are different but the day has the same sequence of events.  I try to be invisible yet capture all the details, the drama and emotions, and the beauty of the day.  My photos are a story of your wedding as I see it.

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