Leica + Film

Leica Wedding Photographer

Leica Photographer – Leica Wedding Photography, Fashion Photography and Portraiture. Clients receive professional Leica quality documentary style wedding photography, fashion photography and portrait images.

Leica Camera – Leica cameras are made in Germany and have excellent optical and build quality. They lack the mod cons of modern mass produced cameras and use manual focus lenses. They are build in smaller numbers to very high specification so have a high price tag. Due to the small size, discrete styling and quiet action they are popular for documentary style photography. The lack of addition buttons and auto settings lets me concentrate on composing each photo before taking a picture. I find the Leica M cameras perfect for my style of wedding photography.

Leica Wedding Photography – Leica M9 digital photos have a unique almost film like look to them.  As a film photographer I value this style that cannot be achieved using standard DSLR cameras. I believe in quality over quantity so do not over shoot weddings. Using a manual camera such as a Leica slows down the speed at which I take photos so I have more time to consider each photo before pressing the shutter.  As a Coventry Wedding Photographer visiting wedding venues in Coventry and Warwickshire but also across the UK and overseas I benefit from being able to travel light with the small compact Leica camera bag.

Black and White Photography using a Leica Camera – My preferred style of photography is black and white. Using the digital Leica M9 for wedding photography gives my clients a set of timeless looking film like images. Black and white photography places more emphasis on light, textures, shape and form. It captures all the emotions without the distractions of colour.

Colour Photography using a Leica Camera – Like a modern DSLR camera the Leica can capture stunning colours whether fashion photography or a Leica wedding.

Leica Film Photography – I now use 1950s analogue film cameras for my wedding photography in addition to digital.  I use Leica M3 and Leica M2 35mm film cameras and shoot both colour film and black and white film.  I find I often chose Kodak film for weddings. I use colour film Kodak Portra  160, 400 and 800 for natural skin tones and black and white Kodak Tri-X for monochrome.

Analogue Wedding Film Photographer – I favour film photography over digital so try to shoot as much film as possible at each of my weddings if I think I will obtain a ‘better’ image.  Better being more pleasing to my eye.  I use 35mm film cameras such as the Leica rangefinder cameras but also medium format film and large format film.  Cameras include Mamiya 645 Super,  Rolleiflex, Fuju GF670, 4×5 Speed Graphic and 4×5 Sinar to name a few.



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Leica Wedding Photography by Matthew Osborne

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