Leica CL Wedding Photography: Adam & Becky

Leica CL Wedding Photography: Adam & Becky

Adam & Becky

South Farm Royston Wedding (Hertfordshire)

Fen Road, Shingay-cum-Wendy, Royston SG8 0HR

I shared a few photo’s from Adam & Becky’s wedding in my 2018 Leica weddings highlights post but here is the full day (sample of!).

Leica Wedding Photography

Engagement Shoot / Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

The most important investment into your wedding photography, no question, is your engagement shoot. Adam and Becky were super organised so two years before the wedding date they contacted me to book a pre-wedding session. Below is a sample photo I managed to find from 2016!

Hasselblad Engagement Shoot

An engagement shoot gives you the opportunity to meet me and my cameras so that when it comes to your wedding day you can just relax and not have to think (or worry) about photos.

Leica CL Wedding Photography

Like every photographer, it’s nice to have an excuse to buy a new camera or lens isn’t it. I often make use of this mind game ..”well I need the best kit for the job” and “want to offer the client the highest quality images I can”. Both statements are true of course so ahead of their wedding I bought a new digital Leica camera. This event is my first example of Leica CL wedding photography. The camera is small but very high quality so it works great on the day. I almost blend in with the wedding party allowing me to get natural candid reportage shots (or posed if that is what we are doing!).

Leica CL Wedding Photos
Leica CL wedding - M lenses
Leica CL Wedding!

Leica CL Wedding!
Leica CL Wedding
Leica M240 Wedding

Wedding B&W Film Photography

We even did some photos on traditional B&W film which I hand develop and scan in house. (There were more film photos than this, just an example).

Film Wedding Photography

Wedding Testimonial

Adam and Becky were kind enough to complete a wedding testimonial for me (and they even sent me a lovely Christmas present that year!). Quite possibly the nicest couple ever! Read below on how the wedding day (photography) was for them.

>> Click for more Wedding Testimonials

*Link will redirect you to my wedding profile page on the Bridebook Website

Getting Married? Let’s discuss your wedding!

Planning your wedding day and browsing the internet for a wedding photographer? Please get in contact, UK or abroad.. I’d be happy to help!

I’m a YouTuber photographer too!

If you want to see the face behind the wedding photos you can find me teaching photography on YouTube. I go by the name of “MrLeica” because of the blog I setup in 2013 – MrLeica.com and the camera brand I use.

Mr Leica Wedding Photography

Author: Matt Osborne (MrLeica.Com)

UK Leica Photographer (Analogue + Digital), YouTuber, Blogger & Patreon Creator. Coventry studio based Model & Wedding Photography, Offering 1-2-1 Photography Tuition & Workshops + Specialising in Portraiture with Vintage Cameras & Lenses.

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