2014 Wedding: Sam & Patrick

2014 Wedding: Sam & Patrick

Destination Leica Wedding Photographer

Wedding Venue: Upper House Hayfield, Peak District

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September 2014

Last Septemeber I drove from Coventry to the Peak District to cover Sam and Patrick’s wedding day.  I joined the family at Upper House, Hayfield the evening before the wedding to enjoy a lovely home cooked meal and to get to know everyone ahead of the big day.  Patrick was Dutch so his family had flown in from the Netherlands and the house was full so I left them for the night and returned the next morning ready to start.  I find it so beneficial to meet couples ahead of their wedding as on the wedding day morning I was eating breakfast chatting to the family and taking photos without people even noticing I was there.  I enjoy documentary style wedding photography and often blend in with the wedding guests with my small Leica camera(s).  That said, with my model photography background I enjoy creating a few special stylised wedding portraits if the couple are game.  The day past so quickly we didn’t take as many directed arty photos as I would have liked but hopefully the smiley candid photos made up for this.  Here is a small fraction of the photos taken with a digital Leica M9 camera.

Please note at the time of the wedding I was doing less film photography.  For 2015 weddings I will be using both digital Leica cameras and Leica film cameras.  My wedding photography style continues to develop and my current digital photos now tend to look more traditional and film like, being softer, with more grain and less contrast.  I develop my own film and shoot the majority of my personal work on film so this look is rubbing off on my digital images.  For anyone that appreciates wedding film photography I am happy to shoot your wedding 50-100% film if you desire.  The current average is perhaps 20-30% film depending on the wedding, venue and light.  I use 35mm film, medium format film and also large format film so the options are endless if the interest is there. 🙂

2015 wedding images to come – Caz and Mike’s Wedding

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